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The year is 2085.Humanity has expanded the Galaxy only to find a civilization of other races combined.Joining this Civilization humanity was named the "War Species" in account for there many wars in history.Later a clan named Confederate Empire from the Humans started a war in the Galaxy.At first the entire race was held responsible until another Clan named the New Union wen to war against them.Other Races slowly started joining and it turned into the Great Galactic War.Eventually War raged on for years so both sides made Special Operation groups named Infinite Military Forces(New Union),and the Nuclear Thunder Corps(Confederate Empire).Now the war is at major standings.Hurry and choose your side and join this Galactic Battle


This is not based after an actual thing and everything here is completely fiction from the authors mind.Feel free to study a bit before making a character. This user is not TheThing12...I swear

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